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CBS Pure Genius DP Tim Bellen

Comedy Central “Snatched” Promo DP Peter Gordon

Gotham Season 3 & 4 VFX/Insert Unit DP Manny Vouniozos

50 Shades Darker Promo DP Andrew Turman

Adidas “Women’s X All Day” DP Alex Cullen

Disney Princess DP Ernesto Lomeli

HP Printers DP Ernesto Lomeli

Frozen “Ice Castle” DP Ernesto Lomeli

Brian Puspos “Murder She Wrote” DP Manny Vouniozos

Americas’s Got Talent Promo DP Manny Vouniozos

Will & Grace 2017 Promo DP Manny Vouniozos

Toyota “Hero” DP Ross Emery ACS

American Heroes Channel Promo DP Ernesto Lomeli

“America: Facts vs Fiction”

American Crew “Young Evlvis” DP Manny Vouniozos

Fitbit/The Walking Dead Promo DP Manny Vouniozos DP Damien Drake

Fast & Furios Supercharged VFX DP Mark Weingartner

Disney Hong Kong DP Andrew Turman

“Mickey and the Wondrous Book”

“Luma Villages Dubai” DP Ernesto Lomeli

USA Network Promo “The Colony” DP Ross Emery ACS

Nike “Aero” DP Ross Emery ACS

Red Bull “Destiny” DP Ross Emery ACS

Gillette “Copper Face” DP Ross Emery ACS

Reebok “Classic” DP Bill Orisich

Reebok “Training” DP Bill Orisich

Kinfolks DP Scott Edelstein

Devil’s Advocate/EFX Unit DP Vincent Toto

Masters of Sex Season 1 DP Michael Weaver ASC Interim Gaffer

Masters of Sex Season 2 DP Michael Weaver ASC Interim Gaffer

                                            DP David Miller ASC 2nd Unit Gaffer

                                            DP Tim Bellen 2nd Unit Gaffer

Masters of Sex Season 3 DP Chris Manley ASC 2nd Unit Gaffer

                                             DP John Newby ASC 2nd Unit Gaffer

About A Boy Season 2 DP Tim Bellen Interim Gaffer

Gridlock’d DP Amelia Vincent ASC 2nd Unit Gaffer

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